Rainbow Squares reminder: Class #04 on Tuesday, 2019-02-26

Hello, Rainbow members and students!

Come out to class #04 on Tuesday, 2019-02-26 (7pm to 9pm) to review the material covered in the three introductory sessions and maybe move on to some new calls.


Milmay Fire Hall
225 Broad Street (Rt. 552)
Milmay, NJ 08340-9900

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/GxtXrr4pgE22
Apple Maps: https://maps.apple.com/shortened_url

I am putting together some class resources on the club's experimental web site.

The main class page:

It has general class information and some links to external resources:
-- Video demonstrations of square dance calls
-- The Taminations web site: definitions and animations of calls
-- The Taminations app: get the definitions and animations onto your phone or tablet, ready to view even without an internet connection

The class page specific to this session:

It has a grid where the rows are names of square dance calls and each week of classes has a column.

I am open to suggestions for ways to improve the pages.