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Rainbow Squares dances 7pm to 10pm on the third Saturday of each month, barring dates too close to major holidays. There may be occasional extra dances as scheduling permits. Pre-rounds start at 7pm; then 2×2 Squares and rounds are from 7:30pm until 10pm.

Thursday classes (7pm to 9pm) are on hiatus.

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Milmay Volunteer Fire Department
225 Broad Street (Rt. 552)
Milmay, NJ 08340
(near the intersection with Tuckahoe Rd / Rt. 557)

2023 Dances

2023-01-07Virgil ForbesLou Torti
2023-01-21Betsy GottaRoy Gotta
2023-02-04Mark FranksLou Torti
2023-02-18Ralph TroutLou Torti
2023-03-04Doug KauffmanLou Torti
2023-03-18Ralph TroutLou Torti
2023-04-15Ralph TroutLou Torti
2023-05-20Rick GittelmanLou Torti
2023-06-17Ralph TroutLou TortiCanceled
2023-07-15Ralph TroutLou TortiBusiness meeting
2023-08-19Mark FranksLou Torti
2023-09-16Ralph TroutLou Torti
2023-10-21Mystery CallerLou Torti



  • Visit the general class information page.
  • Lessons started Tuesday, 2022-10-04; on hiatus now
  • The first class is free; $5/class after that.
  • All classes take place at our dance location: the Milmay Fire Hall listed in our About page and in each web page footer in the “Find Us” section.

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  • Videos of Square and Round Dances at Rainbow Squares on YouTube
    Note: some non-Rainbow-Squares videos may show up. The link does a basic search for {“Rainbow Squares” Milmay}
  • Videos recorded by Jim Miller (
  • The Taminations web site shows animations and definitions of all square dance calls from Basic 1 through Challenge C-3B. There are also apps for iOS, Android and Kindle.